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New Conga Line [29 Sep 2006|09:15pm]


This is the new conga line post for referral links from members of this community.  This post will be made public, so that non-members will have access to referral links.

♥ ♥ Please comment with your referral link.  This community freely encourages referral link posting, so this is NOT SPAMMING.

♥ ♥ If you find a referral, please comment again to remove the referral link so that other people can have a chance. 

♥ ♥ Because most programs have a time expiration, after 60 days, the referral link will be removed.  

♥ ♥ You can find the old conga link post HERE - if there is a link there that is still active, please comment on this thread to have it added.


1 |You Are Beautiful

FRIENDS-ONLY, but new members are welcome! [30 Sep 2011|05:10pm]

You know the spam emails, you know the pop-ups.  Can people really get $1000+ bags for *FREE* from referral programs??

Well, some of the ladies in this community have, and we'll tell you which programs work and which programs don't!

All posts in this community are FRIENDS-ONLY, so if you want to get in on the Bag Referral Fun - then JOIN!

If you are already a member, then please make sure to tell your friends about us!
You Are Beautiful

Locked Entries [04 Mar 2006|08:12pm]

Hey guys =) I just wanted to say that all entries must be FRiENDS ONLY! We want to keep everything in this community locked so you need to join to read the entries.

If you have written entries but haven't locked it, I ask if you can kindly go back and make it Friends Only.

Also, please do not comment on this entry to be added. Just put in a friend request and the MODs will approve or disaprove you :o)

♥ jenn

This entry will remain public so everythin can view it ♥
12 |You Are Beautiful

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