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..::Handbag Referrals::..

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A newer version of bag_referrals we decided to redo the community so that things would be more organized and could be saved to better help new girls getting interested in the community!!

This site is for hints, tips, referral links and anything else relating to the free handbag sites that you see on the internet. When you sign up for these, usually you have to sign up for a few offers then have someone else do the same.

♥ All posts MUST be FRIENDS ONLY!

♥ The memories will also be friends only so join the community to see everything!

♥ Referral links are very popular. We started a conga line, so comment on this post and add your link! This way everyone gets a referral and you will get approved faster.

♥ Have you been approved? Still waiting? Get added to our list! Comment here to be added!

♥ Are we missing a site? Email us and we'll add it to the list!

My Designer Pink Bag
Free Handbags
The Handbag Project

♥ This community is about helping each other as well as making new friends with girls who love handbags just as much as you do!